The word ‘Heavy Metal’ is actually not a scientific term. In the official book used by chemists, Compendium of Chemical Terminology: IUPAC Recommendations, there is no reference to this term. In scientific circles, “heavy metal” has several conflicting definitions and usually refers to metals that are found in the periodic table of elements that have a specific gravity above 5, and an atomic number greater than 40, although these numbers vary between authoritative sources.

In the supplement industry, the term ‘Heavy Metal’ is commonly used to refer to certain substances that can have negative health effects when they accumulate in the body. Although the term itself is not scientifically defined, there is a common understanding that many “Heavy Metals’ are potentially toxic, and something most people do NOT want to ingest. Substances that have been investigated for these toxic effects include Arsenic (As) , Cadmium (Cd) , Lead(Pb) and Mercury(Hb).

The EPA has deemed that high levels of arsenic in well water may be linked to cancer. Naturally occurring arsenic may not be as toxic as the chemical isolate, and naturally occurs in some food sources, such as sea vegetables.
Cadmium can accumulate in human tissue and remain in the body for years. It is linked to the development of skin issues and kidney damage.
Lead is widely recognized by mainstream medicine as having negative effects, especially on cognitive development in children. Once it is absorbed by the body, it can be difficult to remove. It is found in the famous ‘lead paint’, as well as many green foods.
Mercury can accumulate and cause birth defects, kidney damage, nerve damage and interfere with overall health in many ways. Most countries have outlawed its use in dental filling materials (except the US). It is a pollutant that is finding its way into humans through ingestion of fish and other foods.

The Nature’s Answer family of brands, including Genceutics, strives to offer customers the best, safest and most nutritious supplements available, since we started to provide products for the health food industry in 1972!

Our Planthead Protein is no exception! Planthead is a high quality protein that is vegan, soy free, dairy free, gluten free and GMO free.

We test all raw ingredients, as well as finished product, through third party laboratory analysis to be sure it is also free of contaminants such as potentially harmful heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.

Planthead Vanilla, Planthead Chocolate and Planthead Greens have all been tested using ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) methodology and have been certified to be below levels accepted by the FDA.