When someone states’ I am a vegetarian’, that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Some individuals consider themselves vegetarian if they ‘don’t eat red meat’, while consuming poultry and fish still fits into their view of vegetarian eating.

Others do not eat meat from ‘anything with a face’ but are fine with milk, cheese and eggs within their vegetarian definition, and are sometimes  referred to as ovolactovegetarians.   ‘Vegans’ usually have the strictest eating code, and  eliminate ALL animal sourced foods from their diet, including dairy, eggs and bee products such as pollen and honey.

As science investigates the health supportive benefits of various eating patterns, one thing is clear- better health is linked to increased vegetable consumption !  The more vegetable sources a person consumes, the more all natural vitamins, minerals , fiber and nutrients they will benefit from.
Vegetables also are high in protective phytochemicals that are only found in plants. Also, there is no cholesterol found in any plant based food!
The amino acids are building blocks for protein synthesis and are ALSO abundantly available in many vegetarian sources. Some that stand out in the protein arena are the nitrogen fixing legume, Peas,  and whole grains such as Brown Rice, as well as Hemp seed protein. These vegetarian sources offer a full compliment of the amino acids, including the all important branched chain amino acids, Valine , Leucine and Isoleucine, that the body needs for growth and tissue repair.

 So regardless on where you fall on the vegetarian eating spectrum, and even if your choice is a ‘meat and potatoes’ diet, everyone stands to benefit from including a natural vegetarian protein shake as part of their daily routine.